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Inspection Test & Reporting









Inspection Test & Reporting

Periodic Test & inspection.

It is now a mandatory requirement that all electrical installations are tested at regular intervals and carry a current electrical inspection certificate.

This involves engineers carrying out a visual inspection of the installation, then a detailed test of each individual circuit, to verify that the installation has been designed and installed correctly and at the time of inspection is free from damage or deterioration of components.

This is an area that Thomas Electrical can economically and quickly help you with, even if the installation does not meet the requirements of the regulations, we can quickly evaluate a plan and discuss the costs involved with it.

Thermal Image Inspections.

A way of meeting trouble head on is to carry out a thermal image inspection of the installation and its component parts to see at what temperature they are running at, this way it give the engineer time to act before the component fails possibly causing loss of production or down time.

Thomas Electrical owns a Flir state of the art thermal image camera with computerised analysis and download capabilities.


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